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Weddings, private retreats, and many more special events distinctively Bambu Indah

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Bambu Indah is the perfect place to create unique memorable experiences immersed in nature while catering specially to your needs.


You and your future life-partner will feel like the only two people on the planet surrounded by the power of the Ayung river and lush rice terraces. We make dreams come true and are sure to sweep you off your feet.

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From rejuvenating yoga to breathtaking hikes through the jungle, we host retreats of all kinds, sure to suit your craving for relaxation and adventure.

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Special Dinners

Enjoy a unique dining experience with us. We craft bespoke dinners for honeymooners, families and friends. A specially decorated table in the warm glow of firelight awaits you.

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Featured Event Space

Minang House

The magnificent Minang House is traditional design from the Minangkabau in Sumatra. Here we hold morning yoga, special dinners, and other private events. This is our place for celebration, and we love to share it with our guests.

The Story

A Fulbright scholar traveled to the Padang highlands in Sumatra and found the last of the great Minangkabau rumah gadang (large clan house), which was built from various types of local timber. She measured it exactly, and together we built a scale replica out of sustainable black bamboo from the forests of Java.

Sustainable Architecture

The measurements are exact, no wall is straight, no pole is straight; perfect impurities, much like our homes. This house was built in 30 days by local master craftsmen while the roof took another 60. Each towering curve of the roof has the exact symmetry of a rising full moon.

Morning Yoga

This is not your typical yoga experience. More than just stretching, our morning yoga ritual is an immersive and momentous start to our day. Hear the rustling of trees and the wind against your back as you reach to the sky.

Special Events

Minang house is the ultimate location for celebration. From group dinner parties to speaker events and weddings, whether you're 2 people or 42 people, we can host you. We proudly share magical moments here.

Past Events

From speaker series to sunset jam session and weddings in paradise, there is always something spectacular going on at Bambu Indah. Be a part of our legacy.