The River Warung restaurant and natural pools are opening on the 11th December!

The Bambu Indah riverside pools, River Warung restaurant and ten of their signature guest rooms are opening on December 11th. Day visitors welcome with a minimum 500k pp spend at the restaurant.

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Come Stay with Us

Along with the famous River Side Warung and spring fed pools is a place to create lifelong memories. Book your unforgettable stay at one of our 10 houses, your home away from home.

Our Houses

Inspired by our travels and graced with the local culture, our 10 homes feature a breathtaking antique Javanese home and unique bamboo structures. immerse yourself in them surrounded by nature.

  • About the Copper House

    The perfect romantic hideaway for honeymooning couples, Copper house is nestled high in the trees overlooking the Ayung River. Intimate,...

    Fits 2 people

    1 bed

    700 SqFt

    Copper House - Bambu Indah

    Copper House

    Rates from $485 / Night

  • About the Elora & Orin House

    Named after John Hardy's children, Elora & Orin is a two-bedroomed house that was part of their original home. Cherishing fond...

    Fits 4 people

    2 beds

    640 SqFt

    Elora & Orin House - Bambu Indah

    Elora & Orin House

    Rates from $385 / Night

  • About the Guadua House

    Named after the Colombian bamboo grove holding it, Guadua House is an alter to open-air living and connecting with nature....

    Fits 2 people

    1 King bed

    570 SqFt

    Guadua House

    Guadua House

    Rates from $495 / Night

  • About the Jawa Lama House

    Cool, dark and mysterious, Jawa Lama meaning Old Java, draws you back into the romance of bygone eras. Decorated wooden...

    Fits 2 people

    1 bed

    400 SqFt

    Jawa Lawa House - Bambu Indah

    Jawa Lama House

    Rates from $345 / Night

  • About the Moon House

    The extraordinary crescented Moon House has made headlines around the world for its visionary design and architecture. Created by Ibuku,...

    Fits 2 people

    1 bed

    1030 SqFt

    Moon House - Bambu Indah

    Moon House

    Rates from $495 / Night

  • About the Riverbend

    Escape from the outside world in this enchanted riverside palace with its own private natural spring plunge pool and a copper...

    Fits 4 people

    2 beds

    1400 SqFt

    River Bend - Bambu Indah


    Rates from $695 / Night

  • About the Sri House

    Cute little Sri, petite in size and functional in design with a tiny en-suite shower room, is a modest bamboo...

    Fits 1 person

    1 bed

    130 SqFt

    Sri House - Bambu Indah

    Sri House

    Rates from $125 / Night

  • About the The Tents

    Experience life high up in the jungle canopy, sleeping under canvas on floating platforms wrapped around the tops of mahogany...

    Fits 2 people

    1 bed

    300 SqFt

    The Tents - Bambu Indah

    The Tents

    Rates from $175 / Night

  • About the Tree House

    John and Cynthia Hardy’s daughter Chiara designed this breath-taking treehouse nestling in the branches of two bunut, or banyan trees,...

    Fits 3 people

    2 King beds

    800 SqFt

    Tree House

    Tree House

    Rates from $495 / Night

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