Serenity Sayan

Escape to Serenity Sayan with our exclusive package, requiring a minimum stay of 3 nights. Immerse in tranquillity with daily yoga sessions. Contribute to sustainability with a guided trash walk and learn to craft a Rudraksha bracelet, symbolizing peace and harmony. Indulge in relaxation of massage and partake in a traditional Balinese blessing ceremony for spiritual renewal. Additionally, enjoy credits for our farm-to-table menu, ensuring every meal is a culinary delight rooted in regenerative.

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Manggis Two Bedroom Duplex

Manggis Two Bedroom Duplex

Here Experience the allure of the 2 storey Mangosteen House, affectionately known as Mangis at Bambu Indah, cradled within vibrant greenery and blessed with captivating westward views.

The upstairs haven spanning 28 m², this elegant teakwood haven is lavished with plush French linens and expansive floor-to-ceiling beveled glass windows that lead to a 14 m² balcony, offering serene views of mango trees along with the unbelievable views over the Ayung River and the picturesque Bongkasa Rice fields, adding a breathtaking backdrop to your stay. The room boasts an outdoor teakwood bathroom, encased in woven copper walls, providing a distinctive starlit bathing experience.

The downstairs haven spanning 35 m², where recycled ironwood electricity poles from Borneo and stunning knee braces support a luxurious space. Wrapped in floor-to-ceiling teak windows with beveled glass, this room features an uber-thick mattress with an extra pillow top on the bed, dressed in fine French linens and surrounded by an elegant mosquito net.

The teakwood elegance extends from the floors to a spacious closet, ensuring comfort and style. It’s furnished with a beautiful linen sofa, a dining table for intimate meals, and linen curtains that softly filter the light, enhancing the ambiance. An outdoor bathroom with a cascading copper rain shower and a deck with a Japanese bathtub facing west, offering breathtaking views to the southwest overlooking the stunning Ayung River and the legendary Bongkasa rice fields.

Features & Amenities

Sleeps 4

85 SqFt

King Bed

Private Terrace


Riverside property

steps from reception