The River Warung restaurant and natural pools are open!

The Bambu Indah riverside pools, River Warung restaurant and ten of their signature guest rooms are opening on December 11th. Day visitors welcome with a minimum 500k pp spend at the restaurant.

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Sumba House

Sumba House

Introducing the Sumba House, a fusion of traditional Sumba heritage and modern massive bamboo engineering. Inspired by our love for Sumba island and Sumba houses in particular, we embarked on a journey to preserve and re-create their essence. This house, with its roof reaching 15 m in height, replicates every aesthetic remarkable influence endemic to the original design.

With minimal alterations, including a second-floor sleeping area and ensuite bathroom (accessible by a strong, beautiful bamboo ladder), our Sumba House is both traditional and comfortable.

The windows and skylights delicately filter sunlight, illuminating the space with a mesmerizing glow. The air-conditioned beds offer ultimate comfort, and the various lounging areas decorated with Sumba textiles beckon you to dream. Embrace the lights, filters and feel of this massive bamboo museum.

Perfect for families, embark on an unforgettable indoor retreat, a perfect getaway for those seeking a unique connection to an indigenous tribal culture that has moved us profoundly for the past 30 years.

Features & Amenities

Sleeps 4

680 SqFt

Queen Bed

King Bed

Private Terrace

Village side property

Mild Terrain

135 steps from reception